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Hi. I’m Bill LaBrie. The writer. Not the photographer. Not the former chief of police in Kalispell. Not the motorcycle mechanic. Not the General in the Massachusetts National Guard. The other Bill LaBrie

I’m a man who writes a lot. I should think more before I write, but usually that doesn’t happen. I value spontaneity and give-and-take.

And I always have.

Valued spontaneity, that is.

From my early days as a 14-year-old recording engineer, to my first job out of high school installing intercoms in McDonald’s, to my decision to attend a miniscule liberal arts college I had never seen, to my wanderings around the Mediterranean, to my career in IT and my marriages and my various other ventures I’ve always been about just getting started. The rest will sort itself out — somehow.

Thus I am now trying to make a living by doing what I know best: Just being myself and encouraging others to do the same. Being yourself is the only thing in life you will always do better than anyone else. Just be your authentic self and share it with others. That should be enough. I share myself through my writings here and those available on Amazon and through other places like Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

I’m a UNIX sysadmin (Linux and AIX) living in Phoenix (my hometown). I have a son and a cat. I also have a wild assortment of friends from a variety of backgrounds. I like to ski, bike, and play music, in no particular order. I’m on the board of a great non-profit called Release the Fear that you really should check out.

I just released my debut novel, Eye of the Diamond-T: a terrific meditation on CIA mind-control, Route 66, Hopi and Greek mythology, the trucking industry of the 1950’s, racism, varieties of love, and explosions. I think you will enjoy it.



Author of the new novel "Eye of the Diamond-T" available on Amazon in print/Kindle and wherever fine ebooks are sold. Recovering microserf. Motorcyclist, musician, promoter and mini-sensation. More info at

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