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Poetry: The Vice President Wanted

“The Vice President Wanted”   The vice president wanted to be a painter– Not just a corporate thing in data processing, And we were all very impressed and happy– Until we realized he was giving out paintings As bonuses that year. Words and... read more

Poem: To My Son

“To My Son” Let no one make of you a thing to be prized, Nor cast off once inconvenient. Let nothing dim your curiosity, Nor bitter your intentions. Know that love and love alone Grew you and sustained you, And your father only ever claimed to be... read more

Poem: The Blank Page is a Lie Detector

The blank page is a lie detector More strict than we’ve ever known. When you compose or blather on, Your inner truth is shown. Stop short of telling everything And they’ll know it in the end: Too cowardly to share the tale Of what you did back then. ©2014... read more

The Advice Column

Lots of people ask for my advice. No, Really. . . .  they really do!   I’ll post the answers some of the questions here. Keep in mind these are only my opinions, and are likely worth about what I’m being paid for them. Feel free to read along! To... read more

Poem: People

People. Lovely people. Sociable people. Smiling, warm, friendly people. Not-one-thing-wrong people. Want-to-know-and-care-about-you people. Warm-hearted, joyful, loving, non-judgmental people. Want-to-do-more-during-the-week people. Have-another-round people.... read more

Poem: Bratpack Jerry

“Bratpack Jerry” Bratpack Jerry’s still got it. He’s kept it all these years. Aztec Camera streams from the Kenwood cones, Oblivious is what the English boys are singing As the gaunt man sits fondling his shifter at the light. Radiation streams... read more
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