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I’m over it.


I’m over all of it.

I’m over those who think there’s a make-me-happy-now button hidden somewhere. There is no button. You won’t find it in a university degree. You won’t find it in a marriage license. You won’t find it in a sex change. You won’t find it in pretending to be a different color. There is no button. You get happiness through practice. Just start acting happy. Learn to avoid the things that make you unhappy. It takes a while. Success still not guaranteed. It never is.

I’m over people who don’t realize American soldiers lose their limbs and lives in combat for a reason beyond “bravery.” If it’s only bravery, our disabled soldiers are no more admirable than a dimwit who gets paralyzed trying to jump his Silverado over a few parked cars. The brave solider lost his legs fighting for freedom — or so he likely thought at some time. He sacrificed himself so a former Olympian could be free to change his gender without getting burned to death in a public square. True, freedom isn’t free. Freedom also is expressed in ways that might annoy you. Sorry.

I’m over Christians acting as though moral outrage, self-righteousness, and vindictiveness are what it’s all about. It’s the opposite, really. Christianity is an explicit rejection of all those things. It’s difficult to be a Christian. You need to constantly love and forgive people who have done you wrong, while praying they see the light.  You also need to look inside to realize how messed-up you are yourself. And trust me, you are.  I’ve known many Christians who get it right. I’ve also known a whole bunch who’ve gotten it very, very wrong. Christianity: It’s not just bake sales and blog posts with a lot of Lord in them.

I’m over the atheists who denigrate believers as though doing so were the sole sacrament of some religion that denies it’s a religion. It’s fun to see them shake their heads from time-to-time, suddenly realizing what they’ve been doing. One of them will say “That’s kind-of yucky. Let’s not do that anymore. Let’s talk about science or something we are free to discuss thanks to our rejection of traditional religion! Go us!”  A few minutes later, they’re at it again, of course — because . . . well, see the first sentence in this paragraph.

I’m over people thinking they “need somebody,”  stumbling upon someone who will accept them, hanging out until the relationship runs into trouble, then proposing marriage because they think it will fix their utter lack of real intimacy. Like me, for instance. I’ve done that. Now, I am happy to say: I’m over myself. I was one of those people.

I’m over the corruption of conservatism. Conservatism reasons from basic premises: The value of life, the importance of justice, the assumption of human equality, the nature of man. Conservatism has nothing in it that worships corporations and the rich nor condones bloodlust. Nor does it excuse rapes that aren’t “legitimate.” It only means one’s political understanding is based on what humans have long been thought to be, rather than hopes of what they might one day become. The Republicans of 1956 would lock most of the 2016 Presidential field out of their convention as loony extremists. The Republicans of 2016 would wish the death penalty on the Republicans of 1956 — just after accusing them of being communist subversives. But then”Republican” no longer means “conservative.”

I’m over shareholder value being the only value we still value. Look: if you don’t have a large amount invested — a really large amount — you don’t need to worry about corporate profits. Corporations have buildings full of highly-paid professionals to do that for them. You need to look after yourself and your community. Let the corporations mind their own fortunes. I’ve been there. I’ve seen the wild look in the eyes of leaders at two different Fortune-50 companies. When they said they’d do anything to get this project done, they meant it. Anything. Protect what’s yours and stop making excuses for organizations who would march humanity off a cliff if there were a buck to be made.

I’m over drunks denigrating potheads.

I’m over people assuming the black kid is a drug dealer when really it’s the mousy white suburban mom selling oxy out of her minivan.

I’m over people blaming inanimate objects.

I’m over people demanding symbols be buried while doing nothing real about the problem.

I’m over happy pills given out like candy to people with real problems — no matter how major or minor.

I’m over newsclips showing fat fucks waddling around in SWAT gear and shooting family dogs for target practice. I’m over people making excuses for them.

I’m over those who think “learning to code” will guarantee employment.

I’m over people who judge others based on a number on their W2 forms.

I’m over parents project-managing their children like a rollout of a new version of Windows.

I’m over binge-watching taking the place of binge-reading.

I’m over muffler-shop owners telling teachers how to teach.

I’m over illusions of control, dominant-narratives-unquestioningly-accepted, pieces of plastic intended to spice up sex lives, careerism and credentialism in education, orthorexia, and moral superiority expressed through seven-dollar cups of coffee and ten-dollar bags of carrots.

I’m over bullshit.

I’m over it.