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If you do something like this just stop? It’s really bad? It’s, like, newspeak?

To any middle-aged men who "upspeak": You should dress the part? Really? I'm serious? Dress this way?

To any middle-aged men who upspeak: You should dress the part? Really? I’m serious? Dress this way?

It gets really annoying listening to you? It’s like you’re not sure of what you’re saying? It sounds like you’re asking permission to speak? Ten year olds do that, and that’s OK? But you’re — like — thirty-five or something?

Women tend to to this and we accept it? We really shouldn’t? But we do? We’re now tending to accept it from men? It’s spreading like an infection? Maybe this is a symptom of overparenting? Maybe it’s just some variety of, like, newspeak?

There’s something else to keep in mind? The more you use that inflection, the less you actually will believe in what you’re saying? I’ll bet there’s some neuro-hormonal effect that a rising accent has on one’s brain? When you turn every statement into a question, you’re probably making yourself suggestible in many different ways? And, if you’re like most people you don’t need that?

And anyway, It makes me want to smack you?

Thank you?

* * * * *

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