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Remember the ads from “A Partnership for a Drug-Free America?” back in the ’80s? It’s time for a revamp.

They had the wrong problem and the wrong villains in mind before. Here’s the real problem:

The real problems keeping people obeseĀ not only in America, but around the world these days, and why obesity hasĀ gotten to be such a problem over the last 100 years:

  • Processed foods seem to invariably contain corn syrup. In the U.S., almost everything processed contains corn syrup. Hell, even our sliced roast beef has corn syrup in it. This is done purposely to addict users. We’re addicted to the sugar equivalent of crack and it’s killing us.
  • People are rewarded not for being active, but for sitting still and staring at screens. The longer you can do that, the more information you have, the more connected you are, the money you make (presumably). You’re not rewarded for hustling anywhere but on a loading dock, and who wants to be a dockworker? Everyone wants to be assistant district service manager. So they can stare at screens all day and make the REAL money.
  • Only losers walk anywhere in America. Tell someone you’re walking a mile to dinner and they stare at you open-mouthed. A mile is nothing. When I lived in Rome I’d walk fifteen miles a day. Humans evolved to do that. It’s only been in the last 100 years that we’ve been able to stay still most of the day, pay to go to a gym where we walk a mile at a gentle pace, and claim we’ve been “working out.”

Anyway, time to get moving. Taking a walk. Talk to you later.