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“Rain on the Awkward Grille”

We sat in the Starbucks and I let you be.
My silence was what you needed.
It was enough to just be there, staring over
Your shoulder at the rain on the awkward
Car’s grille. Misbegotten: Sad but serviceable.

Slowly, you remembered him to me–sip by sip.
Little darts of recollection alighting here and there.
I was glad you had known him, and him you–
Though I had never met him.
He was one who made you who you are.

There had been others for each of us.
There would be others–others yet to pass.
When they pass, will we still be there
To sit in silence and only witness —
To stare at the rain on the awkward grille?

parking lot

photo credit: Andrew R. Whalley via photopin cc

©2014 Bill LaBrie