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Maybe I should call this “Bits of Posts I’ll Never Write.”


I really wonder if high levels of physical fitness come only with the development of a certain loudmouth douchebag gene. I suppose I’ve met a few fit guys who don’t shout in small, confined spaces about their routines and diets and fat percentages in forceful, booming tones — but damn few. So the question is: Do you need to be a fucking twat to get into that sort of shape, or is it some muscle that gets developed along with the others?

The whole Donald Trump phenomenon smacks of the crusty paranoia of angry old men. With age, men’s flexibility, vitality and finally their hope leaves them. What remains is a crust of free-floating anger ready to slam against anything that annoys them in the least. They’re not thinking much by that point. It’s all merely reaction. Past a certain age, men don’t consider the future much because — well — for them, there isn’t much of a future. I witnessed this in my dad, my uncle, and various other old men I’ve known as the end approached. I had the privilege of watching my uncle pick a fight with a lampshade just for looking at him funny. He was pretty far gone by that point. I suppose I’ll be there myself one day.

The feminism of 100 years ago was based on an unassailable proposition:  Women are human beings, so let’s treat them that way. But we’re past that now. At some point the bargain-basement Marxism of state college social science departments took over. Now, the class-conflict model (the main tool of Marxist thought) pits a helpless proletariat (most women) against a faceless and exploitative capital (the patriarchy). Somewhere in the middle are those women who benefit in some way from the evil patriarchy (cf. the bourgeoisie). These unenlightened women are enablers of the ongoing repression, unwilling to submit to constant revolution. They’re so deluded they refuse to see their husbands (or quasi-husbands) as part of an evil ruse.  This vast bourgeoisie comprises, at last count, about 80 percent of women. They’re the ones who refuse to call themselves “feminists.” But in the minds of true believers, there an be no rapprochement.

I’ve found a good way to determine good cops from bad ones: Good cops will quit or request administrative leave rather than to cover for other cops who abuse their authority. Let me put it this way: There are a lot of cops covering for other cops.

The last time we were able to intelligently discuss socialism in the US was in 1932. Since then, we’ve been living — and for the most part thriving — under some elements of socialism. If you disapprove of socialism, you’re welcome to try to live without it — somewhere not made habitable by rural electrification, flood control projects, nor any government payments to the locals who work at WalMart.

Ronald Reagan’s ardent fans still swear he’d never support amnesty for illegal aliens, flee a military engagement in the Middle East, raise taxes, nor negotiate with Iran. But guess what?

Anyone running for President this time around needs to read about Cadillac in the 1980’s. By the 1980’s, the people who wanted fins and vinyl tops were rapidly dying of old age. But the Cadillac dealership owners just wanted to stay the course. They had made a lot of money selling those traditional customers various expensive upgrades, and most of them still didn’t realize why anyone would prefer something like a BMW. The brand manager in charge of Cadillac addressed them at a national dealer meeting. They screamed “We need more opportunities for phony cabriolet tops and wire wheels!” The manager said “Your customers will all soon be dead.” Thus, anyone running for President needs to realize that he or she is trying to win over a nation where pot for medicine or fun is acceptable or even celebrated, almost everyone admits they watch porn, most Christian figures and institutions are identified with sexual abuse and dismissed as hypocrites, war seems like an amoral profit center for multinational corporations, most babies are born out of wedlock, and most people consider themselves citizens of Facebook first, and America second (if at all). Still, it seems that most candidates are still running for the nomination in 1964. They’re trying to sell tufted velour upholstery and chrome grilles to people who expect an Audi.