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Procrastination? I call it “waiting until the time is right.”




The truth is he probably had it written in his head years before. He just waited until the right time to express it. Everything in the fullness of time. Procrastination isn’t a sin.

Most people need to wait. They can’t be on 24/7 running like a machine. Some call it “thinking things over a bit.” I just blandly admit that I need to do something else that seems really important. Oftentimes this is because some little voice in my head (yes, I hear little voices. So do you.) Procrastination is letting the subconscious work through the matter at hand. Most of our decisions are made in the subconscious.

So don’t hate on yourself for your procrastination. It’s water under the bridge. You didn’t do it because the time wasn’t right to do it. Unless it’s destroying your life in some way, just take it as evidence that your intellectual freedom is manifesting in some way, expressing your own natural rhythm.

And tell that to the water department when they come to disconnect your service. You can point them to this blog entry if you wish.

By the way, I finally got over my procrastination and wrote my first novel. You can check it out at I think it turned out pretty well, though it took over twenty years to write.