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Ideas spread through social media like germs. That’s probably why we call these things “viral.”

Big whoop. Social media is viral. Who would have thunk?

But anger spreads like a germ as well. Anger is usually based on an idea, after all. A very virulent strain, as the video explains.

This makes a lot of sense when you’ve been in forums or Facebook groups for a while. When life gets boring in those groups, there are some go-to topics that seem to reliably stir things up.

Feminism, for instance.

Get some Inter-nauts talking about feminism just a little bit, and you’ll see the whole human race torn asunder. It’s as though men and women suddenly became totally different organisms. Strawmen (and straw-women) get deployed and ripped to shreds.

These are usually mischaracterizations — usually. It’s the offspring of anger that spreads like an out-of-control infection.

This video shows how it can happen. And why it keeps happening.