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“I was in Greeley and this long-distance trucker asked if I wanted to come along to help unload his truck in California and I had nothing else going on, so I said ‘sure’.”


“So I had only seventy-five cents on me when we left Colorado and we’re riding in his truck through Utah. We cross the state line on I-80 and there’s that first town on the Nevada side of the Utah border — Wendover I think it is. Lots of casinos there.

“So I take my seventy-five cents and a few quarters he gave me and put it in the first machine I see, because I’m like — what the hell? And you know what happens next? Two hundred and fifty dollars! I was like, damn!

“Of course I think I’m on a roll and all, and this trucker is tellin’ me ‘We ain’t gonna hump this truck. We’re gonna win enough to pay someone else to unload it,’ and I was like, sure! So I got like ten machines going all at once with quarters–mine and the other guy’s. I was playing whole lines of machines. And that trucker was throwin’ more money at me. It was great!” he laughed.

“So,” I asked, “how did it work out?”

“Oh we lost it all. Happened really quickly, too. I even lost the seventy-five cents I came there with.”

That’s how they get you,” I nodded.

“Yep! That’s how they keep the lights on!” he laughed.

“Good job on the hot wings today, Steve! And happy birthday!”