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They have a saying in Bolivian medical schools. It’s meant to encourage/discourage those who study medicine:


Future medical students somewhere in Florida, maybe. . .

Estúdiase medicina con tu poto.

What they mean is this: If you’re going to study medicine, get used to sitting. In medical schools anywhere in the world, you sit and read and listen and take notes. Your glutes get a different sort of workout. Can’t sit long hours while learning the structure of the bile duct and the effects of radiation on cell mitosis? Go back to the village and learn to make hats. That’s what they tell them.

To study medicine, you use your butt. They didn’t say “brain.” They said “butt”. Poto.

This demands we ponder how else it might apply.  The race isn’t always to the swift, but to he who runs. Success isn’t to those most gifted, but to those who just don’t stop.

A medical degree (or any degree worth having, really) is not to the bright, but to he who can sit the longest.

The ones who use their butts.

However, sitting really isn’t the hot setup for most activities. We humans are the only creatures who require a device to enable us to sit properly. We sit on chairs or in booths. That should give you a clue as to how really unnatural it is for us to sit. We need a friggin’ tool to do it. Studies have shown a specific mortality rate associated with just sitting there. Yes: everything gives you cancer. Even just sitting there. But see, this should make us value the contributions of those in the medical field even more than we do, right? Look at what they’re risking.

But really, medical students could stand and read or listen and learn as much or maybe even more. But then the saying wouldn’t be accurate. And I wouldn’t have an excuse to make a post with a picture of butts in it. If you tell someone estúdiase medicina a pie (on foot) they tend to think the sure way to success in medical school is just walking around student union. That might help in a study of philosophy, but not medicine.

Medicine is studied with your butt.

So. How are you using your butt today? What is your butt studying? What do you hope your butt will help you achieve?

* * * *

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