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This is one of the pictures that provided inspiration for my upcoming novel:


And here is the amazing story that goes with it:

That included the late Virginia Schau, who, driving on a fishing trip with her husband and father in 1953 in Redding, Calif., watched horrified as a tractor trailer went out of control on a bridge and began to plunge over the side. But, miraculously the cab stopped and dangled over the edge, with its two occupants screaming for help. As Schau’s husband and another motorist lowered a rope to them, Schau’s father reminded his daughter of the Sacramento Bee’s weekly photo contest.


Schau rushed back to her car and grabbed her camera-a Kodak Brownie–and recorded the successful rescue.

She made the picture, won $10 from the Bee, as well as a Pulitzer.

Things were different back then. There are so many things to be proud of in this picture and the circumstances around it that I could barely begin to talk about them. So I wrote a book inspired by the image instead.

Bridges take us from one side to another. Keep that in mind.