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And a few things I’ve been right about.

Things I’ve been wrong about in the last year:

  1. Trump won’t get anywhere because he can’t pull off a man-of-the-people-act even as well as Ross Perot did in ’92. FALSE! Turned out that a guy who uses a gold urinal was more accessible to the masses than any of the alternatives presented, either Democratic or Republican.
  2. Evangelicals are the third rail Trump can’t touch. FALSE! They aren’t preaching Christianity. It’s a heretical tribalism based on worship of the evidently-elect, which only uses the symbols of Christianity. Trump is rich, therefore blessed. He can do whatever the hell he wants as long as he honors the symbols in some way, and seems succesful. God Himself anointed him with that hotel and casino.
  3. Trump is a stalking-horse for Hillary. TRUE/FALSE. True because leaked emails indicate the Clintons and their faithful butt-boys encouraged unviable candidates like Trump, whom they expected to burn out quickly after the convention. False because like the Clintons, I expected it to work that way. It didn’t.

Things I’ve been right about in the last year:


  1. Bernie would gain a lot of traction and get forced out by the Dem party and their vicious hacks in the media. TRUE! I am happy my darkest fears weren’t realized: There’s been no unfortunate murder/suicide in Vermont, yet.
  2. It’s a morally different nation than pollsters and pundits think. TRUE! Trump takes the highest office of a country that hums along to the sound of a constantly-spinning flywheel of obscenities, misogyny, perversion, alcoholism, pornography, and dark fantasy. Apparently, the establishment lives in some Nixon-era backwater where people are still shocked by things like Russian hookers. Hint: 70% of people who hear the phrase “Russian hookers” immediately want to see nude pics. 2 Live Crew was 25 years ago. Your false sanctimony is useless on us. We are PornHub nation.
  3. Politics is an awful, filthy business that soils its nest and eats its own. TRUE! No matter who holds office, try to keep that in mind, and look after your own, starting now, today, at a very local level.
    Love thine neighbor as yourself.