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Delayed Gratification, sometimes you just don’t come through. Especially regarding travel.


I’ve known too many people who worked very hard all their lives, just waiting to take their dream trip after retirement. I’ve known a few who died before they got the opportunity.

But even the ones who didn’t die before taking that dream trip usually didn’t get that much out of the experience. When you travel you should be wandering on your own or in a small group, taking chances and learning the ways of foreigners. The best experiences come from the sort of happy accidents that naturally occur when you’re confident enough to take off on your own.

When you get old, you don’t want to do that sort of thing as much. You’re afraid to be away from a bathroom, or your medication. It’s scary out there. What if someone mugs you or roughs you up? Maybe you’ll get confused and lost.

So as a result, you — perhaps wisely — stay with your “tour group.” That means you ride around on a bus going from one photo-op to another, surrounded by people very much like you. Most of them are usually assholes, from what I hear: The sort of people who let a soggy croissant ruin their vacation, and everyone else’s within earshot.

Here’s another thing: Travel is supposed to be transformative and inspirational. Let’s say you take your dream whirlwind tour of Asia at the age of 72. Let’s say you find it just as transformational and inspirational as you expected. Time is short by then. Maybe you have only 10-15 years to enjoy the fruits of that transformation.

There can be good reasons not to do what you whatever you want to do. There will always be good reasons not to do whatever you want to do. My advice is to not let them overwhelm you.

Travel while you’re young.

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